Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are latex balloons eco-friendly?

Yes! Our balloons are made from 100%, biodegradable latex. They do break down in the environment quickly just like any perishable plant-based product. They have a shelf-life for that reason. There are no harsh chemical fillers or substitutes used in manufacturing.

  • What balloon sizes can I have printing done onto?

We can print on latex balloons in 5 inch, 11 inch (the most popular), 16 inch and 3 foot diameter. Printing can be done on either side, both sides or even on the top. They can be printed neck up or neck down to suit whatever purpose you need them for.

  • Are there different balloons for helium and for air?

Great question – and YES there are different grades of thickness and quality.

Our balloons are commercial-grade professional decorators balloons that will suit any situation.

  • Is there a minimum quantity for a printing order?

Our minimum is 100 balloons and prices become lower per balloon as the quantities go up. Buying in bulk is definitely a great way to achieve value.

  • Is there a range of available colours and textures?

Yes – Use these links to download our colour charts and see for yourself…

Standard / Fashion Tone colour chart

Metalic / Pearl colour chart

  • What’s the turnaround time?

Once we have approved artwork, we can have your balloons printed in as little as 2-4 working days, and on your desk a couple of days after that, depending on which state they’re being shipped to. We’re Sydney based so the closer you are, the quicker it will be.

  • Is it easy to supply my logo or artwork?

Yes,  we can receive it simply by email. We can check the art straight away and let you know if it’s suitable for printing.

  • Can I have samples to compare?

Yes! In fact we recommend it highly. Just ask and we’re happy to send out samples to you.

  • How long will a helium-filled or air-filled balloon stay floating?

High quality Helium balloons (like ours) tend to stay afloat for up to 12 hours.

Air balloons of course don’t float, however they can stay inflated for several days.

  • What’s the average shelf-life of latex balloons?

Uninflated balloons will generally last for around 6 to 8 years, if stored out of sunlight and heat.