Balloon Accessories

Balloon Ribbon Rolls:

We stock a huge range of balloon curling ribbon to match almost all of our balloon colours. Matching balloon ribbon to your branded balloons is the perfect finishing touch . Our ribbon rolls are 450 metres long so you can use 1 roll for lots of balloons. The ribbon has a lovely smooth feel and its lightweight and easy to use.

Pre-Cut Ribbon with Balloon Clips:

We stock a wide range of pre-cut and clipped ribbons. These ribbons also match the balloon colours perfectly so your Custom Printed Balloons will have that perfect, co-ordinated and professional look! They are supplied to you in bundles of 25 so you can easily mix and match ribbon colours. The plastic clips that secure your inflated latex balloons are already attached so all you need to do is twist the end of the balloon around the clip. Its so easy….and it saves you lots of time.

Balloon Saddles with Sticks:

These stick and saddle combinations are effective and simple to use. Our Balloon Saddles are designed to hold 11” (28cm) latex balloons when you have filled them with air. The stick is 30cm long so its easy to work with and great for kids and adults to hold onto.
The design holds balloons upright and improves their support. The
special design does not require the balloon to be knotted before it
is attached to the stick….so they are a great time saver!

Air-Filled Balloon Display Stands:

These balloon storage and display stands are the perfect addition to trade shows or expos. All you need to do is air fill your balloons, attach them to balloon saddles and then display them on this stand. These portable and disposable stands are great way to attract attention to your brand. Built from a sturdy cardboard and can hold approximately 40 air filled balloons – they are a great, costs effective way of promotion your brand any time you need to.

Electric Air Inflator:

Our electronic air inflator make quick work of inflating balloons with 3 nozzle attachments to fit any size of promotional balloon. This machine is purpose built for inflating balloons and It has a on/off rocker switch for continuous use action so you can have continuous inflation or full control over when you need the inflation to start and stop. it also has long cord (more than 2 metres) with built-in cord wrap for convenient storage. All you need to do is plug it into a power source and start inflating!!

Balloon Hand Pump:

This single-action hand pump is ideal for small volumes of balloons and easy to operate and store. it has a solid barrel movement so its also very robust and durable.