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We are a balloon printing company delivering custom printed balloons in Australia!

Our custom balloons are one of the simplest and most powerful ways to build brand awareness and stand out from the crowd! Whether you need decoration for fundraising, corporate promotion or just a support mechanism for your existing marketing efforts; our high quality products are the most playful and cost effective way to achieve the attention grabbing results you need.

Specially personalised balloons have a high perceived value and are a lot more fun than the boring old pens or mugs that most companies “give away”. Order some of our custom design balloons today and start building powerful brand awareness for your business!

We would love to create some amazing personalised balloons for you!

5 reasons why you’ll love working with us

1 – Product Quality: Our products are 100% latex so they have no chemical fillers. We use industry-standard 28cm (11″) professional size decorating inflatables so they are suitable for both helium or air filled use. We have only the most robust and reliable professional-grade products and they come in a huge selection of colours.

2 – Printing Quality:We use the “Impress” method of printing, which is the most robust and durable method available. The image remains the same quality when fully inflated and won’t crack, peel or rub off.

3 – Quick Turnaround:  We can have your order shipped out within 2-4 working days of you approving the design. We will not charge you any additional fee for rush orders, ever!

4 – Green-ness: Our products are created from 100% biodegradable latex, meaning that they’re also kind to the environment.

5 – Extended Services: We’re part of a nation-wide network of decorators who we recommend to carry out inflation and delivery across all states. We have also been operating a retail balloon delivery service for more than 20 years so we can advise you on how best to use our products.

Order today in 5 easy steps!

1 – Choose your colours.

2 – Email your artwork to us.

3 – Approve the design confirmation we send back to you.

4 – Keep an eye out for the friendly delivery man.

5 – Unpack and enjoy!

Why you should order printed balloons for your next function or event:

Whether you’re hosting a big corporate event or smaller promotional function, you need to grab everyone’s attention so that they’re focusing on you and your brand. While there are plenty of visual elements you can experiment with, custom printed balloons are one of the best options you can go with for creating an instantaneous sense of brand authority that really sticks in the minds of attendees and passers-by.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why our products are so popular at promotional events and functions around Australia.

Custom Printed Balloons In Sydney
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Boost Brand Authority

The biggest and best benefit of ordering from us is that our printed balloons instantly give your brand a big boost in credibility. This is because most people associate this form of merchandising with high profile brands that ‘can afford’ to go the extra mile.

Anyone can buy and inflate a bunch of regular balloons but having a high quality arrangement with your company logo printed on them is something people would only expect the biggest brands to do. This is because the average person only associates that level of marketing paraphernalia with high authority brands that have the capital to throw at it.

In this sense, the main promotional benefit of our products is what they can say about your brand. Basically, you’re telling everyone that your brand has achieved a certain level of sophistication that allows it to indulge on something like custom printed balloons.

Aesthetic Appeal

Of course, printed balloons are a great way to add some visual spectacle to your event or function. Depending on how you have them arranged, you can create beautiful arches or table decorations that keep your brand name front and centre in the minds of attendees.

You have a huge range of colours to choose from and you can get really creative with how your design is displayed. It’s easy to pick a colour that fits in with the visual theme of your brand as well as works within the space you are using.

Personalised Balloons
custom design balloons
Positive Atmosphere

Another great benefit of using our wonderful inflatables is that they create a lighter, bubblier atmosphere. This is because balloons are almost always associated with light-hearted celebrations like birthdays and engagement parties.

For attendees, this means they’ll naturally feel more at ease and react more enthusiastically to your questions and prompts. This gives you more opportunity to engage meaningfully with prospects and capitalise on the good vibes.

Depending on the goal of your event or function, you can use our products to help engender an atmosphere of weightlessness and celebratory joy. All of these small effects add up to create a cohesive vibe that facilitates better interactions with your target audience.

Take your brand’s image to the next level and place your order today!

As you can see, custom printed balloons bring a huge range of benefits to any promotional event. Between their ability to frame your brand positively, create aesthetic appeal and engage attendees, there’s simply no good reason not to use them at your next event or function.